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Congratulations! You have decided that you would like to seek more information about the rewarding job of a certified nursing assistant. It is important to learn more about what a C.N.A. does and some of the challenges that you might face as a C.N.A.

Why do you want to be a C.N.A.?

It is important to choose this job for the right reasons. In society this job doesn't receive the respect that it deserves. Here are some good reasons for wanting to become a C.N.A.:

  • I always wanted to be in the medical field. - As a C.N.A you will be focused on personal care opposed to medical care but it gives you more time to interact with the patient and also to observe other jobs that you may interest you in the medical field.
  • I want to accomplish something important in my life. - As a C.N.A. you are making a difference in not only the lives of the patients that you help, but also their friends and families. You are helping make many peoples lives more comfortable, and it can be a very rewarding experience. You also make a difference for the nursing staff. Nurses are very high in demand right now and your job tasks allow for the nurses to be able to see more patients and provide more care.
  • I want to earn a stable income. - As a C.N.A. you will be able to maintain a stable income and expect to make anywhere from $9.00 - $14.00 an hour to start. (depending on your location)
  • I hope to be a nurse someday. - As a C.N.A. you will get to work directly with the nursing staff and observe what they do. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and learn more about nursing from someone with experience. What are some of the challenges I might face? 

Being around older or disabled people. - Some people are uncomfortable being around older or disabled people. Most jobs as a C.N.A. will have you working around the elderly or the disabled. Once you overcome your fears you will be more understanding and a better C.N.A.

  • Sights you may see in a nursing home. - You may observe a lot of things that are very difficult to watch. You are working with a lot of different patients with many different conditions. One day you might observe a wife coming to visit her husband and he doesn't remember who she is. You might have patients asking you to take them home. Or have someone tell you that a loved one is coming to visit and that person passed on many years ago. You may also experience the patients hurting themselves or loved ones, and sometimes trying to harm you. You have to look at these situations and ask yourself "How can I make this better?"
  • Fears of death or sickness - As you get to know your patients you begin to fear that they may become sick or die. Or you might even worry that you or a loved one may get sick or die. If you do experience death at work you should try to remember that you helped make their life better.
  • Fear of aging. - As you work around the elderly you may develop fears of aging. The best way to deal with this is to talk to someone and to remember that everyone ages and that as along as you take care of yourself then you will be fine.