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  1. After going on several mission trips to Nicaragua, I realized that I want to help people. I love to care for people, I love to make relationships, I love investing my time in people, and I love to help people. I enjoy getting to know people and learning about new people, new cultures, and new experiences.

  2. I chose to take this class because I’ve had nursing in the back of my mind for a while and once I saw that I had a chance to take this class, I thought it would be a great opportunity to open my eyes to health care and nursing. I chose nursing because I love helping others and being able to make people smile but I also have wanted to go into the medical field since 6th grade.

  3. I want to be a nurse because in all the times that I have spent in the hospital its the affect they had on me that I remember. They do and go through a lot and yet some still find a way to make a joke and smile. Their happiness and ability to make a difference is what I want to do with my experience.

    • Sorry to hear you spent a lot of time in the hospital!! I didn’t myself but my son did and I was with him during those!! It definitely opens your eyes!!!

  4. My why for taking this class is because I want to go on to medical school to be a pediatrician, but the main reason behind me wanting to be a pediatrician is that I love working and helping out children. As a doctor, making sure that children get the great health and care they deserve cannot beat any other job in this world to me, I have always had a thing for caring about children being sick or getting injured and I love being around them, so I wanted to combine my interests and be a pediatrician which is the main reason why I took this class to be a first step and see what my interests really are. Another interest I really had in mind was being a physicians assistant, I feel like this class can help a lot because the clinical hours this class will give me to prepare me if that is the career I want to go in will greatly help me decide if that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I feel that this class can really help me decide what I really want to do when I go to college in the next two years.

    • Sam, that is wonderful!! I also had a ❤️ for peds! I worked in a facility with Teens who suffered from eating disorders!!! It can be rewarding for sure!!!!

  5. I will be honest, I have always loved the idea of going into the medical field, but after watching Grey’s Anatomy over the past year it made me want to go more into Neurosurgery. I have always been fascinated with how the brain works, especially after I had my concussions. After each one, I learned something new about the brain. I think it would be so much fun to be able to operate on the brain. There is so much yet to discover! I would love to help discover a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease! After my dads mom was diagnosed with dementia and my step-mothers mom with Alzheimer’s, I have been praying they find a cure. It is something that is very common and deserves answers for it! It takes too many precious memories and lives from so many each year! This CNA program is just a start for my dream.

  6. I want to become a CNA because my mom and me volunteered at a very poor senior living home and it was really sad to see how the elderly were left in those places with no one else to come see them and so my mom decided to become a CNA and I thought it would be cool to become one too as I enjoyed working with people and showing them they have someone who cares and plus I want to hopefully become a nurse in peds or an RN and this can be a good start

    • Follow your heart! Sounds like your mom had a big one!!!’ ❤️!!!! The elderly can be a fun group to work with for sure!

  7. I’ve always been interested in being the the health field when I’m older. My dad is the manager if the rehab department at IU Health and I’ve been in the hospital environment because of him for a while. For a while I was given the opportunity to help him along with his staff run they’re special needs summer camp. I absolutely loved it. I discovered that I loved helping these kids have fun and perform every day tasks. I’ve also been exposed to a lot of different occupations in sports medicine because of many athletic related injuries I’ve received over the years. This past year has been the hardest on me, I tore my ACL. Unfortunately, I had to sit out from soccer for 7 months. But, I had the most supportive people help me get through this time in my life. My surgeon was amazing and my PT was as well. This injury really affected me mentally and there were many times where I doubted myself ad my capabilities, but my doctor always reassured me and kept me positive and my PT pushed me past my limit helping exceed every goal I set for myself. This is what stemmed my interest of sports medicine. I want to be able to help athletes overcome obstacles that are thrown there way and help them get over those mental hurdles because its not easy. It certainly wasn’t for me. I could not of done without all the amazing help I received from the team behind me. When I saw this class was available, I immediately wanted to take it. I knew I didn’t necessarily want to be a nurse but I wanted some more exposure into the health field and see it from a different perspective. I’m excited to have the opportunity to help people, and I hope I can have a positive impact in their lives.

  8. I decided to take this class because I want to see if I will enjoy taking care of others in the medical field. I think going through the clinicals in this course may help me decide what area I would like to specialize in in the medical field. I also wanted to get a hands-on experience of taking care of people in health care. I know it can sometimes be challenging being in the medical field, so I think this class will really help me decide if I want to have a career in this field. After seeing my grandmother go through the health care system, I began to really admire the nurses and doctors that helped her after she was diagnosed with Dementia. Seeing my grandma in her last years of life, this made me realize I wanted to help people who are sick and can no longer care for themselves. If I do go to nursing school in the future, being a certified nursing assistant will be a great thing to be able to put on my college application, and on a resume if I do get a job in the medical field.

  9. I wanted to take this class because I have always wanted to go to medical school to be some sort of doctor. I’ve always had to go to the doctor for different medical issues and sports related injuries. I have always been around doctors and the way they are just make me think about how that is how I want to be. This class would be great experience for me to get into the medical field.

  10. I took this class because it is a good first step to go into the medical field. I really would like to help people. Whenever i see someone sick or hurt i always want to do something to help them but I usually can’t. This is a good opportunity to learn about taking care of people so it really interests me. It seems like a really good experience and a lot will be learned from it.

  11. I have known I wanted to go into the medical field since I was around 12, but I didn’t know any specifics until my aunt got sick and was spending a lot of time in the hospital, and eventually, hospice care. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do, but after watching the nurses interact with my aunt I realized that I want to work closely with my patients. Knowing this, I decided to take this class so I can hopefully get a feel for where I want to go in the future.

  12. The reason why I took this class is because of the love i have for people l. Seeing my grandmother in hospist it was sad , but to me all that matters is to me is that im caring and helping someone.

  13. I want to become a Pediatric Surgeon or Nurse. I am taking this class to help me out more with communication with people. This also will help me out a lot with just going into the medical field. I love working with all kinds of people but babies are more my focus. Health Science has always been a huge interest of mine sense I watched a open heart surgery video. I also started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I also do come from a background of family members who get cancer more often. I’m taking this class for more experience.

  14. Over the past couple of years I’ve realized that I want to be a nurse in the future. I love working with people, helping people, and helping make their lives better. A lot of the service or ministry things I have done have been with helping people and I’ve really enjoyed it. As I’ve taken more science classes through high school I’ve noticed that I enjoy them, especially anatomy. Im really looking forward to starting out as a CNA and learning more about the medical field!

  15. When I was 10 years old, my extended family and I all camped out in the oncology waiting room for several weeks during my grandfather’s end time. To pass the time, the nurses would let me shadow them while they did their rounds. Ever since then, I’ve been gravitated towards the medical field especially the hospital setting. I’m excited that this class gives me the opportunity to gain health care experience at such a young age.

  16. I chose to take this class because I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field but I’m not sure what I specifically want to do. I’ve always thought about going to nursing school so I think this class is a good place to start. I also like helping people and I know that being a CNA will give me the opportunity to make someones day better just by talking and interacting with them.

  17. I grew up really close to my aunt, who has been a nurse in the E.R., hospice, and more. As I was growing up, she would always tell me stories about her days in the hospital and how rewarding it was to help others. This later inspired me to go into the medical field. At this point, I want to major in nursing and then continue college to become a physician’s assistant.

  18. I wanted to take this class due to my love for people and helping others. I like to make an impact on people’s life. I have been working at an elementary school with kindergartener’s for almost three years now and helping others learn and prosper really just warms my heart. I also, plan to go into public health and epidemiology, so I believe being a CNA would be super helpful with learning more of some of the diseases that I will continue to study and more about just the health field in general. Public health is exactly this, just on a broader scale, so I am really excited for all the opportunities this will give me.

  19. I have wanted to be a nurse since fifth grade and have always loved helping others. Skin cancer runs in my family and affected my grandpa and many other people in my life have been effected by cancer, which started to spark my interest in oncology. I want to learn more about it because there are so many different types of cancer, and I want to be able to help those suffering with cancer as well as the families. I think this class will help my get a basic understanding of how to work and care for others in a medical sense and I’m really excited!

  20. I chose to take this class because I am deciding whether or not I want to become a nurse. About five years ago my grandpa had a stroke and was put into a nursing home. I went to go visit him about once every week. What I saw was just heartbreaking. He wasn’t in the best facility and not everybody got the care they needed. About a two years ago my grandma was put into the same facility as him and I ended up spending even more time there. As I started to go there more often I realized a lot of the patients never had any visitors and some were treated very poorly. Both my grandparents have since passed and I have now realized I want to go into a career that helps people. I hate seeing people not get treated right and in pain. I would love to help people everyday even if it’s just giving them someone to talk to. I think nursing could be a great career for me and I am excited to take this class.

  21. I was interested in taking this class because I have wanted to become a cardiologist for awhile now and I believe that becoming a cna through this course will give me some very valuable experiences that will help me en my endeavor to study in the medical field in the future. In addition, my grandmother is a very prominent voice in my life and had pushed me to take the many opportunities such as this to further my healthcare knowledge. She and my aunt now both have their doctorate degrees and I am very inspired and interested in following in their footsteps as I discover my own future.

  22. My why for this class was mainly because I started watching Greys Anatomy and started thinking about going into the medical field. I think it would be fun going into the medical field because you will never have the same exact situation every day and you will always be dealing with different people and different things in general. I’ve always been a caring and helpful person and helping others is something I really enjoy doing. I’m still very unsure of what i want to do in my future and i thought taking this class would help lead me in a certain direction when it comes to picking a career.

  23. I chose to take this class to help me get a deeper view into healthcare. I am interested in the medical field as a career and I wanted to start by seeing some of the options that I have, as nursing is one that I am highly considering, along with occupational therapy, which is also visible in this class. While I do want to work in pediatrics, I believe that this class is a good opportunity to show me other options so that I do not limit myself. I want to get into the medical field to help people in difficult times. I love making people smile, especially when people are going through a hard time. In many fields in healthcare, the doctor or nurse or therapist, etc. has the chance to help make negative experiences better for a person and their family and I believe that that would be amazing and rewarding, even if it can be hard.

  24. I took this class because I want to go to school to become an ER trauma nurse and or a pediatrician. I have yet to decide which I want to be and I have interest in many other jobs in the medical field as well. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to help people, and someday be a part of finding a cure for something such as cancer, dementia, MS, etc. I have a great grandma that is in a full care home in Kansas. She is 89 and is almost completely blind besides one tiny part of here eye. She can not walk and is in a wheel chair all the time. She also has dementia and doesn’t remember much. I don’t see her much besides maybe once a year if not once every two, but ever since I was younger I hated how the nurses and aids treated her. They were very forceful and did not use the best choice in words with her. She had physical bruises, and was mentally/emotionally beat up from the way everyone treated her. I couldn’t stand to see her treated this way, and have always wanted to put and end to it. Hopefully taking this class will help me be able to decide my career path in the medical field, and make a difference in homes.

  25. I have four younger adopted siblings that all have some sort of mild special needs. My parents both work full time, so I have become mom: making dinners, feeding, giving baths, dressing, changing diapers, you name it. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how to care for people and I’ve realized over the years that this is something I love to do and I would like to transfer these skills not only to my family life but my future career. I dabbled in healthcare when I went on a medical brigade alone to Haiti last year and absolutely loved it.. after I become a registered nurse I’d really love to do some serious mission work there because they need it so badly. I don’t have a lot of skills as far as art or sports, but I can keep my cool through a lot, and absolutely nothing phases me anymore. I’ve thought about nursing all my life and think I could really make an impact (I know, so sappy lol).

  26. I wanted to take this class because I have a strong passion for medicine. I have grown up surrounded by people in the medical field and have been able to see how incredible this occupation can be. My grandfather, aunt, and uncle are all surgeons and they have always told me stories of their experience and it made me fall in love with the practice. I loved the idea of being totally committed to a patient and not giving up on their case. I also love biology and anatomy and learning about the complexities of the human body. Being a doctor is important to me because I want patients to receive the care that they need, regardless of any external factors. I believe that this class will help me become more confident in my direction of entering the medical field and more appreciative and understanding of the patients and their situations.

  27. the reason i took this class was to help me decide wheather i wanted to be a nurse or not later in the future. i have shadowed nurses before and been in a hospital many times and absolutely love the job they have. I love working with people and helping people who need it.

  28. I wanted to take this class simply because helping people is all I’ve ever done and enjoyed. What got me really interested was my great grandma. She always told me how much help I am and how just spending time with her made her day. I just want to do that for other people as well. I like to be hands on with people and I absolutely enjoy listening to people talk about their life and what’s happening. The medical field has always been really interesting to me because there’s more to it than what most people think. I just want to make a difference to someone and make people smile regardless the situations they’re in 🙂

  29. My why for joining this class is because i enjoy helping others. I enjoy seeing how someone can grow and succeed in life. My dad works for IU Health and when I would go to work with him, I would always ask to see patients. Obviously for privacy reasons i was not allowed to to that, but that is what started my love for health care. Since then, i have shadowed nurses at IU Health. On my first shadow, I was in the ICU for children, and that really sparked my love for pediatrics. However, I’ve always loved babies, so I got really invested in becoming a Neonatal Nurse. In order to get a glimpse into what that might be like, I signed up again for a shadow. This time I got to be in labor and delivery which I ended up really enjoying. From this class I hope to get a better understanding of the tools and how to do certain tasks.

  30. My why for taking this class is because I want all the experience I can get to become who I want to be. I want to become a cardio thoracic surgeon and want to be able to change the lives of people when they think the one thing that keeps them alive won’t anymore. My family all has heart problems and heart failure so I want to be able to make a difference in their lives if I have the chance.

  31. I took this class to begin my journey to a career within the medical field. I want to gain experience to find which area of the medical field would best suit me. My first choice is to currently become a nurse and the CNA program is a great opportunity for me to discover the world of nursing. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to gaining experience

  32. I decided to take this class to learn more about going into the field of physical therapy. I decided to try and persue physical therapy because I have always like helping people.

  33. I decided to take this class beacuse I want to learn more about the medical field and I love caring for people and helpings others.

  34. Taking this class allows me to get my feet into the medical field. Becoming a CNA is just the start of my long journey of becoming a nurse. This class is such a great opportunity and will allow me to gain experience and knowledge. I am so excited for the future!


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