2 Responses to What is your why?
  1. My why is because every since i was younger I’ve wanted to work in medical field my main goal is to be a RN or a phlebotomist. I also have 3 children under the age of 7 that i need to provide the best for. I am currently a PRN housekeeper at the woodlands nursing facility and seeing how residents are treated made me want to be a better cna than what i have witnessed. and last but not least is for job stability.

  2. My why is wanting to become a CNA to be able to give to others when they are a time in need. I used to be a nurse aide, so I have some valuable things and training in how I approach a situation especially when it comes to dealing with the elderly. You have to treat them with respect and be able to know when not to cross that boundary of understanding and know that when you treat the residents with respect, then you will get respect back.


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