10Aug 2017

Mr Garcia has had no choice but to put his wife of 40 years in the care of a nursing facility.  He loves her dearly and visits her for a few hours every day.  The problem is that Mrs Garcia has signs of early dimension and doesn’t really know what’s going on around her.  Her nurses and aides take advantage of the situation only when Mr Garcia is absent.  

The nurses and their aides completely undress Mrs Garcia in the morning with the blinds open and show her no respect in her acticvities of daily living.  As a student who is learning how the nursing facility works and as someone who doesn’t want to cause problems, what are the steps that you could discretely take to make sure that Mrs Garcia gets the care that Mr. Garcia would like her to receive and how do you think that Mrs Garcia currently reacts to the care that has been given to her.

(Make sure to use what you have learned in class today as far as chain of command, privacy, and dignity.  Also, when thinking of a response, make sure you respond with empathy to Mrs Garcia’s situation)

29Mar 2015

I don’t even know where to begin.. I’m am beyond thankful that I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and make my dreams become reality! I never thought I would ever become a teacher…. Ever.. .. I hate public speaking!!! This truly has grown into something more then I ever thought and I want to thank you all.. I could not have done this without my awesome husband who literally works hours upon hours on my business!!! Thank you so much!!!  


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