29Aug 2014

Welcome to All Heart Nurse’s  Aide Training Center!  We are Officially open and ready for our first class of CNAs!   Looking for a New Career in Health care? Well you have come to the right place.  Why be a CNA?
Why not? If you’re looking at a career in nursing, being a CNA is a great way to really test yourself on this goal. Being a CNA exposes you to many members of the health care team: You get to see nurses, physical and occupational therapists, doctors, med techs and assistants in action. You’ll soon know whether you have what it takes to further yourself in nursing; perhaps you’ll decide to move to another field of work within health care.
If you’re looking for a quick job – I say becoming a CNA might not be the right choice for you. Going through the training is hard work; being charged with caring for sick people isn’t something to be taken with a grain of salt. You have to the will and desire to help people…you’ll need patience and compassion. You have to be committed to a physically demanding job, with little tolerance for poor work ethic.

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