CPR Training

CPR Training Muncie Indiana – All Heart Nurse Aide Training Center LLC

We offer American Heart Association CPR Courses to the Public!

Welcome to CPR Training Muncie Indiana! Whether you would like us to teach CPR at your facility or ours we would like the opportunity to help individuals, groups, or organizations get certified in the most current CPR life saving measures.

We CPR certify every CNA class that we teach. Therefore we run several CPR classes per month at our physical locations in Muncie, Kokomo, and Noblesville. We welcome the public to register and attend any of these classes!

In order to see the current scheduled CPR and First Aid Class dates go to the registration tab and click on the course schedule menu. Under this menu all dates for any of our CNA, QMA, and CPR classes are listed. If you are an individual and wish to take the course after viewing the available dates please complete and submit the registration.

If you have special circumstances or are a group please register for the CPR Certification course with our All Heart Nurse Aide Training Center LLC admissions coordinator at 765-273-7944.

If you need a CPR certification sooner than our next scheduled time allows please call our All Heart Nurse Aide Training Center LLC admissions coordinator at 765-273-7944 and see if she can work individuals or groups in for a small or  one-on-one class. These classes may have a different fee than the larger classes.

Our standard individual group CPR Certification fee is $35. A special circumstance or small class may dictate a change to the base fee.

Because an Emergency Can Occur ANYTIME…

The American Heart Association’s CPR and AED learning programs helps increase survival rates by training people just like you to respond quickly. The sad truth is most people don’t survive a cardiac arrest.  Four to six minutes is the window of opportunity for someone to act before it’s too late, but fewer than one-third of cardiac arrest victims get CPR from someone nearby.

You can find information from the American Heart Association at http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/